What is a HMO and do I own one?

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 – Part 5 Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupations states that ‘A house is a HMO if it is the only or main residence of three or more qualifying persons from three or more families’.

Let Complete Solutions guide you through the HMO legislation using our comprehensive HMO related services listed below.

Complete Solutions HMO Survey and Upgrade Service

We offer a unique service incorporating the necessary administration requirements set out by the City of Edinburgh Council along with all HMO upgrading work required to ensure your property meets the minimum benchmark and tenancy management standards.

This service includes the following:-

Site Survey / Floor plans / all HMO upgrade work / Licence Application / Site Notice / Attendance at initial Council inspection/ Correspondence with City of Edinburgh Council’s joint HMO inspection team.

HMO Survey

We assess the viability of your property as an HMO investment covering all physical aspects including room sizes, door integrity and all available options to ensure the property meets its maximum letting potential.

Note: – This service can be particularly useful where you are looking to purchase a potential HMO property but are unsure if it will meet the current HMO requirements. Properties advertised for sale as HMO compliant may not meet the actual current standards or be suitable for your letting requirements.

HMO Upgrade

Knowledge of what is acceptable to the HMO inspection team is vital to ensure that only necessary works are carried out. We have invested a considerable amount of time training our workforce in the various door upgrade options making every effort to ensure the original features are retained. Likewise when installing Smoke Detection systems we always position the heads in the most sympathetic area of each room without disruption to existing ornate cornice work

HMO Renewals

Every Landlord owning a HMO property in Edinburgh is required to submit a renewal application annually prior to the expiry date of their current HMO Licence. Our Renewal Service ensures that renewal applications are submitted on time and all required safety certificates are forwarded to the appropriate department. This service ensures you never miss a deadline.

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Site survey with floor plans

Let Complete Solutions provide you with expert advice on all your new and ongoing HMO requirements.

All upgrade work

Helping you to minimise the impact on your properties original features whist meeting the HMO licensing standards

HMO Renewals

Try our HMO Renewal Package.
We have your property covered and won’t miss those important deadlines.